When Tyson Meets Fury: Fans Roar Back at Mike Tyson & Francis Ngannou’s Menacing Prediction – Will Fury Crumble?


Ahead of the October 28 bout, Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou warned Tyson Fury by stating that they were coming for everything. Ngannou, who knows he will face someone who is “tough”, “durable,” and “not easy to hit,” feels he is prepared enough to “take everything”. In a recent interview with SkySports, the former UFC heavyweight champion declared fighting Tyson Fury would be all about a “delivery system”. Despite having the “biggest weapon,” one would have to “aim at the right target” to hit. Likewise, Ngannoun added that he was “shaping that skill” to deliver his shot at the right target inside the ring.

Well, it seems Nagnnou has shaped that particular skill that allows him to strike the right target inside the ring. And for the same reason, he has most probably said, “We’re coming to take everything“. After Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou issued the mentioned warning to Tyson Fury, several fans confronted the duo with scathing replies.


Fans think Francis Ngannou trained by Mike Tyson would beat Tyson Fury when pigs will fly

While Ngannou and Tyson hoped to “take everything”, a fan believed Tyson Fury’s skills would exceed all the training Ngannou received. Likewise, they said, “Fury’s boxing skills will make this an easy fight for him“. “All he has to do is look out for his right hand,” they added.


According to another fan, “Tyson [Fury] will play him like a baby“. In their opinion, “A boxing phenom can not be beaten by an MMA fighter even [if] he is a monster“.

On the other hand, a fan reminded Ngannou how Fury got up after Wilder dropped him. “After feeling Wilder’s power, Fury all but resurrected from the dead! Good luck with that, Francis,” they said.

Meanwhile, one declared, “Fury is going to bust him up! It will be an a**-whooping“.


Finally, a fan believed that “boxing would be a laughing stock” if Ngannou beat Fury.

What is your reaction to Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou “coming to take everything”? In your opinion, how would Francis Ngannoun vs. Tyson Fury play out in the ring? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. For all the latest boxing updates, follow EssentiallySports.


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