When Marijuana and Boxing Collide: Mike Tyson’s Revolutionary Weed Boxing Championship Takes Off in Thailand


On August 27, the former undisputed world champion is promoting the first ever Weed Boxing Championship. The event is scheduled to go down on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand and it is exactly what you think it is.

Emanating from Samui International Muay Thai Stadium, athletes will compete in three three-minute rounds, but only before they get higher than a bat’s ass with some premium kush provided by cannabis aficionado Mike Tyson. Spectators are also encouraged to partake in their preferred strain with plenty of drinks and food to go around once everyone starts to get the munchies.


Mike Tyson Wishes He Had Used Marijuana While Competing

The event looks to take advantage of Thailand’s bustling weed tourism after the Southeast Asian country decriminalized the plant in June 2022. Almost overnight, dispenceries popped up and events across the country have taken advantage.


Of course, Thailand is already known for it’s steep history in the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai, but this will be the first time that two worlds are fused together in a spectacle unlike any other.

Sadly, Mike Tyson will not be participating in the event, aside from potentially toking up with some of the event’s competitors.


“Cannabis is good to workout on for me. I just wish I was smoking back when I was fighting — I really lost out there from an athlete’s perspective,” the sports icon said in an interview with Muscle and Health magazine. “If I’d smoked during my boxing career, I probably wouldn’t have been so aggressive.”

If only he had known then what he knows now, perhaps Evander Holyfield’s ear could have been saved.


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