18 Years Later, Mike Tyson’s Battle with ‘Iron’ Mike Persona and $300 Million Loss Ignites Debates


Mike Tyson, the paragon of boxing, has made a startling revelation. In a recently resurfaced post, ‘Iron Mike’ has revealed his unfiltered feelings about his retirement. Furthermore, the revelation makes fans ponder about the gravity of the reasons for his quitting. Mike Tyson stands as the greatest Heavyweight boxer in history. He first retired in 2005, with his final adversary being Kevin McBride.

Moreover, ‘Kid Dynamite’s retirement didn’t happen conventionally, as he quit halfway through that fight. But apart from boxing, Mike’s financial losses 18 years ago put fans on a pedestal about his retirement reasons. Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy in 2003 post earning around $430 million throughout his boxing career. His lavish lifestyle included spending on mansions, cars, and even Bengal tigers. Then, legal troubles and imprisonment added to his financial woes, further depleting his fortune. However, in the post, Tyson remains brutally honest about his reasons.


What does Mike Tyson reveal about his retirement?

After his retirement, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ returned to the ring 15 years later. This was for a one-time exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr. The bout took place in November 2020 and ended in a draw. However, Mike expressed his reasons for retiring uncompromisingly in the resurfaced post.

Tyson said, ‘The best decision I ever made was to retire from boxing. I hate the smell of a gym. I hate the boxing game. The guy I used to be, I don’t know that guy anymore. I don’t have a connection with him anymore. I’m just not that person anymore. I like the person I am now more than I did. I don’t like Iron Mike.’ This elucidates how badly Mike wanted to retire. Furthermore, it reflects his detachment from the ‘Iron Mike’ that boxing made him. Moreover, since the post is making circles on the internet, fans are trying to comprehend it.



Fans make sense of Tyson’s quitting boxing

Embarking the conversation, a user commented “Still a real champion, saying what you feel and doing what you say; it’s just the imitation world of wannabes that couldn’t hold a candle to the reality of who you are—REAL!”

Next, another fan focused on the natural process of aging and wisdom endowment.  The fan said, “In your life, you grow to different degrees in each decade. So, it’s fine to be different; you’re getting older now, and it’s just another part of your life you’re growing into. It’s called wisdom and wiser. Enjoy your life with peace and joy.”

Additionally, some fans acknowledged Tyson’s transition from his past career to his new endeavors. One such comment read, “Well, Champ, you were in the Hurt business, and you’re not anymore, but you were great at it. Now, you’re the same man in your new business, and you’re still great.”  Further, others took a straightforward way by acknowledging that age and a long career can take a toll on one’s mental health. As one user puts it, “Age does that to you, and you’ve definitely earned your rest. Enjoy the rest of your life.”

Then, there were also waves of curiosity as fans wondered the timing of this comment, “Did he say this before or after that weird fight with Roy Jones Junior?”


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