Dave Chappelle and Mike Tyson Rock MSG Stage, Enormous Shoes Fuel Fan Frenzy


The four-day show stint of Dave Chappelle at Madison Square Garden just wrapped up. The renowned comedian celebrated his 50th birthday onstage on Saturday night, as he was accompanied by many famous friends all throughout the four days. Before Chappelle hit the stage, many comedians performed first, including Michael Che, Michelle Wolf, Jeff Ross, and Ronnie Chung. Later, the audience was surprised by the appearance of the most unexpected personality at the event. Chappelle was accompanied by ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ on the stage.

Mike Tyson joined the comedian to celebrate his 50th year on this planet, as the crowd cheered loudly. Well, besides this, he even shared the moment with his fans on his Instagram account, as he shared a wholesome picture of him and Chappelle together. He wrote in the caption, “Honored to see [Dave Chappelle] last night live at [Madison Square Garden] Happy 50th“. Fans began chiming in once they saw the post


Mike Tyson and Dave Chappelle evoke fan frenzy

The fans were surprised two times, once at the MSG on Saturday night, and then online by Mike Tyson’s post of the show. The fans loved the fact that they were able to see two of their favorite personalities together despite all the differences.

One of the fans shared his experience of being there at the venue for the live show. They wrote, “I was at the show, 10/10 everyone liked it


Another fan stated that these two people are his favorite ones. He even wished fortunes for the boxing legend, Mike Tyson and wrote, “Some of fav two!! Mike & Dave! God Bless You MT!

One fan believes both of these individuals are the GOATs of their respective fields. They wrote, “Two of the very best to ever do it. In boxing and in comedy“.

A fan commented on the absurd size of Tyson’s shoes. They wrote, “Why are mikes shoes so damn big?!


A similar comment was made by another fan, who also talked about the huge sneakers worn by Mike Tyson. They wrote, “Is it just me, or are sneaker getting bigger?

While an Instagram user expressed sorrow as they left the Saturday show a bit early, missing ‘Kid Dynamite’. They wrote, “Noo I left to soon was this Saturday show, I missed my iron Mike.

The fans expressed love and admiration for the two inspiring entities, Chappelle and Tyson. Tyson has always loved comedy, and it’s apparent from his cameos in the movies and TV series. Most of them are specifically in the comedy genre like ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Scary Movie 5’. So, it’s not really a surprise seeing Tyson at one of Chappelle’s shows. What are your thoughts about the picture? Tell us in the comments section.


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