Mike Tyson Announces UFC Debut: Fans ready to “unleash virtual punches” as Mike Tyson reveals UFC 5 news


To do what he does best, Mike Tyson is about to enter the world of MMA. In a decade-old interview with ESPN, ‘Kid Dynamite’ declared that he loved UFC “big time” and would subsequently “love” to get in the Octagon. According to Tyson, if you were not a fan of UFC, you were not cool. In this connection, Tyson declared that had he been 18 and his trainer a guy “in UFC,” he would “probably go that way“.

Well, although he will never again be 18, at 57, Mike Tyson is all set to make his UFC dream come true! Taking to X, the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ recently announced that he will fight in the UFC. “I’m ready to do what I do best, and that’s fight. I love it,” he said. Following Tyson’s announcement, several fans took to X as well replied to him.



Fans ready to “unleash virtual punches” as Mike Tyson reveals UFC 5 news

After the classic Punch-Out (1987), Mike Tyson will now be in UFC 5. The former heavyweight champion of the world loved the look of his character and shared the same with his fans on X. In this context, Tyson urged his fans to pre-order the game too. “Pre-order now: http://x.ea.com/77594,” he wrote. Undoubtedly, fans are excited to try out Mike Tyson’s abilities in UFC 5.


Likewise, a fan said, “I’m sold and I’m going to beat the brakes off of everyone with your character“.

Similarly one wrote, “Count me in for the digital brawl!” In addition, they mentioned they were ready to “unleash virtual punches in the octagon“. They were excited to “pre-order and start training for the ultimate showdown!”


Meanwhile, one said they’ll “probably buy the game just for this“.

On the other hand, a fan called Tyson “the fiercest boxer to ever live“.

Finally, yet another excited fan wrote, “I’m ready to try your abilities in this game“.


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