Fans Applaud ‘Iron Mike’S’ Impeccable Head Movement Before Landing A Thunderous Knockout


Mike Tyson scored 44 knockouts in his professional boxing career, with most of them happening in highlight-reel fashion. These achievements certified him as one of the most brutal attackers in the sport’s history. However, a prime Mike Tyson also boasted commendable defense that is hardly talked about.

Reggie Gross learned that the hard way when he fought ‘Iron Mike’ on June 13, 1986. The 6’3” tall Gross threw several big shots at Tyson in the opening round, but none of them connected. A video of the fight has resurfaced on the internet, sending fans in to a frenzy.


A Twitter handle named ‘Lost In History’ posted the clip of Tyson knocking out Gross. The caption reads:

“Mike Tyson in his prime, was not a human”


Some of the best reactions to the video are given below.

Fresh from a win over Mitch Green on May 20, 1986, Tyson accepted the fight against Reggie Gross in less than a month. While he had to go the distance against Green, Tyson made quick work out of Gross.

The fight began with Reggie Gross as the aggressor and Tyson ducking all the shots with his famed head movement. ‘Iron Mike’ then landed a crisp left hook and sent his opponent to the canvas. Gross was Tyson’s 22nd professional victim.


When did Mike Tyson become a world champion?

After 15 days of his win against Reggie Gross, Mike Tyson knocked out William Hosea in the first round. He then went on to beat Lorenzo Boyd and Marvis Frazier in July 1986, both via stoppages.

Tyson kept his win streak intact by scoring TKOs against Jose Ribalta and Alfonzo Ratliff in August and September, respectively. With 12 wins bagged by then in 1986, Tyson fought Trevor Berbick for the WBC belt in his 13th fight of the year.

Tyson vs. Berbick took place at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas on November 22, 1986. After dominating round one, Tyson knocked his opponent out in round two to become the youngest heavyweight champion ever, a feat that he holds to this day.


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