Mike Tyson Remains Brutally Honest About $3,000,000 ‘King of Knockoffs’ Deal With Gucci

Mike Tyson: Challenges and Insights

In the interview, we see Mike Tyson and the podcast co-host, DJ Whoo Kid, discuss high-end fashion and investing in them. According to DJ Whoo Kid, Mike beseeched the co-host to stop spending money on exclusive fashion pieces and maybe set out on their very own luxury brand.

Mike’s advice is straightforward – stop giving money to other corporations. Mike Tyson not only supports making art financial choices, but he also echoes the message of creating one’s own path and uplifting the African-American community, a sentiment shared by DJ Whoo Kid, who acknowledges the appeal of designer brands.



The conversation shifts in an intriguing direction as Mike Tyson introduces Dapper Dan, often referred to as the ‘king of knockoffs.’ Dapper Dan, with a net worth of $3 million, served as the driving creative influence behind the iconic “Gangsta” style embraced by numerous renowned rappers during the 80s and 90s. However, his rising prominence didn’t go unnoticed by luxury brands, who became aware that Dan was altering their logos, a clear violation of copyright laws. Consequently, this controversy led to a pivotal moment when Fendi took legal action against him, resulting in the closure of his boutique.


However, his journey isn’t over. According to Business of Fashion, he was financed by Gucci for the rebirth of his brand. If you can’t beat them, join them, as Mike so succinctly put it.

Mike suggests that they replicate the success of luxury brands like Gucci and Louis by putting their “own sh*t” on the market. It’s a no-nonsense approach to entrepreneurship.


Antonio, who joins the conversation, commends Mike for his positive message. He promotes a superhero-themed product available at Pullman.store.com, emphasizing the importance of spreading a positive message and living one’s vision.

Mike Tyson’s entrepreneurial advice centers on taking control of your financial future and not relying on established corporations. He advocates for small businesses, and paving your own path. This advocacy shows Mike Tyson’s resilience and drive to rise up from the ashes. Not only that, he takes the time to impart his wisdom to young minds, albeit in a cussword-wrapped package!


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