From Street Fights to Boxing Rings: Mike Tyson’s Candid Confession About Education


It’s no secret that Mike Tyson has had a turbulent childhood, shrouded in street fights and abuse. Nevertheless, eventually, ‘Iron’ Mike surrounded himself with the right sort of people, clearing a path for himself to the alluring heavyweight championship title. Not just that, Mike became the poster child for the most ferocious boxer. But it wasn’t like that when he was growing up, as he explained in his recent podcast.

While appearing in the latest episode of his podcast, Hotboxin With Mike Tyson, Mike revealed the surprising reason he avoided going to school. Featuring internet personality and entrepreneur Grant Cardone, Mike did not just reveal that he never attended school but also provided the underlying reason behind it

. The revelation from Tyson offers a unique view, challenging the imposing persona and fearsome image people usually associate with the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet.’

Mike Tyson describes his high school experience

Nearing the end of the episode, Cardone and ‘Iron Mike’ started discussing schooling, especially about Mike’s kids. That’s when Cardone proposed a question to Mike Tyson, “How were your high school years?” Mike immediately resp onded by informing Cardone that he never attended school. Mike explained his aversion to school by stating, “I went there – I got my a** beat all the time.”


He went on to provide additional context about his school experience, unraveling the fact that kids up to sixth grade would physically bully him. “All the way up to sixth grade or something, they kick my a**,” Mike told Cardone. In addition, Mike described what a regular day in his school would look like. “In my school, people fighting the teachers, throwing s**t, smacking them, f***ing throwing them,” said Mike.


The time “white boys” beat up Mike

While his schooling experience was indeed difficult – something no child deserves to go through. However, his life outside of school wasn’t easy either. In one of the episodes of his popular podcast, Hotboxin With Mike Tyson, Mike explained how “white boys” beat him up for trying to steal a bird.

During the podcast, Mike stated, “I was a young kid, and these white boys, I was trying to steal their bird.” Mike explained that there was an alarm in the bird coop, which alerted the kids. So, he had to escape by jumping, which could have ended with his death. He further elaborated, “They were beating my ass, and they were gonna throw me off the roof,” but he survived because of some people working nearby.


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