Once Mike Tyson Addresses The Jake Paul Fight Rumors, The Crowd Goes Wild


Mike Tyson was hosting the latest episode of his Hotboxing with Mike Tyson podcast, with DJ Whoo Kidd as the co-host. Moreover, rapper Wiz Khalifa was present as a guest for the episode.

In conversation, Kidd asked Tyson about the potential Paul vs Tyson showdown. In response, ‘Iron’ Mike said, “What do you mean? No way. But I was at the fight in Saudi Arabia.”

Kidd, who misheard Tyson’s statement, further asked him if the duo would have an exhibition bout. This was when Tyson answered, “No, I was just at a fight. When he was fighting in Saudi Arabia. I’m not fighting nobody.”

Additionally, he also reminded Khalifa and Kidd that he was ‘chilling’ with them rather than fighting.

Fans were curious about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul
Boxing fans were intrigued by the prospect of Tyson fighting ‘The Problem Child’. In fact, a lot of them took to the comments to share their thoughts about the same. Mrs. Katie Thompson wasted no time in saying, “Now that’s a fight I’d pay to see.”


Similarly, Jeff Whelan mentioned, “My money would be on Mike ALL DAY BRO.”

Meanwhile, a few fans felt that Paul would get in trouble for beefing with Tyson. User, I Like to Comment said, “Jake Paul would definitely catch an L with that Iron Mike Tyson smoke. He would be napping!”

In the same vein, Thunderz Productions stated, “Mike would hit jakes arm with a power punch and Jake would take a standing 8 count lol.”

And, Astrix Cloud added, “If Mike cracked Jake, that dude would get sent back in time.”

It sure looks like boxing fans are looking forward to a potential Paul vs Tyson showdown.


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