Amassing $5 Million Fortune, Ric Flair Shocks Joe Rogan by Revealing His New Highest Revenue Source After Wrestling


Ric Flair, a WWE legend, presently lives a very different life than he did during his wrestling career. He must have been yearning for the glory days of ringside acting, though. But as time went on, The Nature Boy became involved in a new life and business. He makes a ton of money while there in addition to enjoying himself.

Being one of WWE’s most well-known faces, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that Flair made an absurd amount of money there. Furthermore, it is surprising that any industry would pay a star of Flair’s stature more than wrestling.


Ric Flair highlights his alternative revenue source, earning him more than wrestling
Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience, the $5 million worth of WWE legend highlighted his fresh stream of revenue. A few seconds into the discussion, he mentioned living the best life he could at the moment, which he is enjoying to the fullest.

A reason behind that must be the wealth he amasses from his own cannabis line called the “Ric Flair Drip”. As in the podcast, Flair says that the revenue he is generating from t he business is, “Two and a half times, More than I ever made.”


It might be shocking, but this is what it is. Now, the WWE veteran is on a different tangent as he expands his business with each passing day.

The 74-year-old started this business last year partnering with Mike Tyson and Verano Holdings Corp. He started this venture under Tyson’s cannabis brand Tyson 2.0′. Since the onset of this partnership, both the legends were seen quite often partying together. A picture of them even left fans awestruck.

However, Flair has experienced several trials and tribulations in his bid to become successful post-retirement.

The WWE Legend’s struggles after retirement
In his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair sheds light on his unknown struggles after retiring from WWE in 2022. He opened up about how he was not used to the different lifestyle where he was not supposed to go to wrestling or any of his previous stuff.

He said, “The minute, I retired, I was lost the next day to this date Stephen and I’m with Wendy, she’ll tell you I get up and drive my car 100 miles in the morning and drink two cups of coffee before I go to the gym just because I’m not used to it.”

From what he said, one can understand the struggles he had to go through to reach a point in his life where he is currently ‘loving it’.


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