Charles Barkley Hilariously Reveals How He Missed a Mike Tyson Knockout


Charles Barkley is easily one of the funniest players the NBA has ever seen. While most of his humor comes with his personality, a lot of what makes him such a hilarious figure are his stories.

In his 60 years on God’s green earth, Chuck has accumulated countless tales, most of which would leave listeners rolling on the ground with laughter.

One such story involves two of Sir Charles’ good friends, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. A story that saw him being forced to get drinks, and missing a Mike Tyson knockout in the process.

Charles Barkley once missed a Mike Tyson knockout because of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson
NBA superstars can always be seen at major sporting events. Such was the case back in the 80s and 90s as well, and back then no sporting event was bigger than boxing. Especially during the Mike Tyson era.

With that in mind, it wasn’t that surprising when NBA royalty showed up for one of his fights. On one occasion, the likes of Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley were present.

It was a superb fight. One which saw Tyson knockout his opponent. However, unfortunately for Chuck, he missed it all. Why? As he explained on the All The Smoke podcast, Jordan and Magic had sent him to get drinks, and by the time he got back, the fight was over.


“Oh, I’ll tell you a funny story about boxing. I’m with Magic, Michael, and Patrick Ewing, early in my career. I’m a young buck on the totem pole and they make me get drinks. And, I come back and Tyson already done knocked this motherf***er out.”

“I was like, ‘Are you f**king serious right now?’. Everybody is laughing at me. I’m walking in there with two buckets of popcorn and some drinks and they just f**king laughing at me!”

Talk about bad luck for the Round Mound of Rebound. Not only was he made to wait on his fellow superstars, but he also missed out on witnessing a Mike Tyson knockout.


Sir Charles was one of the unluckiest players in NBA history
His unlucky moments off the court aside, Charles Barkley had it rough in the NBA as well. Despite being one of the greatest players of all time, Sir Charles failed to win an NBA Championship. Something that haunts him to this day.

But, who can blame him? Given the fact he played in the Michael Jordan era, it’s a surprise he even managed to contend for a title. At the end of the day, ring or no ring, his Hall of Fame status cannot be denied.


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