A Reminder Of The Past: Mike Tyson’S Unsuccessful Scare Tactics Against Floyd Mayweather Resurface


In a world where every punch and jab is a potential headline, a captivating photograph of Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather resurfaced on Facebook.

The photo captures an unforgettable moment where Tyson, in a jesting manner, threw a fake punch at Mayweather, attempting to scare him. This moment has since become a notable event in the annals of boxing history, representing the intensity and rivalry that the sport so often invokes.



The photo, though intriguing, isn’t the entire story. What adds fuel to the fire is the inclusion of Tyson’s sharp criticisms of Mayweather from a different interview. The post was captioned with Tyson’s defiant words: “Don’t tell me you’re the greatest fighter with 50-0. You’re awesome, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Julio Cesar Chavez had 90. How many times a year did he fight? Eight times a year? Against anyone in the rankings. He was not picking. It was ‘you want to fight, go GOOOOOO.’” The echoes of these past events, though originating from different times, still have the power to stir the pot and rekindle the fiery debate about boxing’s greatest fighters.

Reactions pour in: Fans weigh Mike Tyson’s criticism of Mayweather’s record

This evocative Facebook post takes us down memory lane, fanning the embers of a fiery debate. The photograph, a historic snap from a time when Tyson feigned a punch at Mayweather, has been paired with incendiary quotes from Tyson’s separate interview. The stark criticism of Mayweather’s undefeated record sent ripples through the boxing fandom, eliciting a broad spectrum of responses.


A follower of the page appeared to be in agreement with Tyson’s argument, lamenting Mayweather’s infrequent fights. His comment read, “He’s absolutely right, Floyd fights 1 fight a year, even after 2 years.”

An user championed Julio Cesar Chavez in response to Tyson’s comparison, stating, “Julio César-chavez the greatest fighter of all time Julio César-chavez 90/0 no debate.” It was clear that he holds Chavez’s impressive record in high regard.

Other followers lent their voices to the growing consensus, commenting succinctly with “Exactly” and “True,” showing their agreement with Tyson’s perspective

In contrast, one user presented a nostalgic view, with the hint of a longing for what he referred to as the “last great era of English boxing.” He commented, “Well, yeah! Mike has a point! And speaking of the Emperor, he reminds us of the last great era of English boxing… I won’t give an exact date, it wouldn’t make sense, but I think many of us will get what I mean.”


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