Mike Tyson’s Ex Trainer Teddy Atlas Makes a Startling Confession: They Take 8% of Gate Receipts From Boxing Events


The world of boxing, like a spinning top, rests on a precarious balance. Its thrills are undeniable, with sweat-soaked arenas, pounding hearts, and victory roars echoing into the night. Yet, it is the unseen aspects of the sport that often create a storm. Behind the heart-thumping spectacle, hidden under the carpet of razzmatazz, are the wheels of finance and percentages that make it all possible. Recently, a well-known figure from the boxing arena took to social media, hinting at a seismic shift in this financial structure.

This disclosure, hitherto tucked away behind closed doors, has the potential to disrupt boxing’s financial balance, and in doing so, change the way we perceive the sport. The question remains, what did this figure reveal, and what implications does it have on the world of boxing?


Teddy Atlas unveils the financial undercurrents of boxing
Teddy Atlas, a celebrated boxing trainer, and commentator, broke the silence with a tweet that has generated waves across the boxing world. Atlas, who’s been an integral part of boxing’s behind-the-scenes operations, used this public platform to disclose the shifts in the financial dynamics of the sport. In his words, he said, “So during Pandemic the Promoters payed the Commission, and now they take 8% of Gate receipts from Boxing Events. #HaneyLoma”.

The role of boxing promoters and boxing commissions, for those unversed, are distinctly critical in shaping boxing events. Promoters, typically responsible for handling event logistics, publicity, and contract negotiations, hold significant sway in the financial health of these events. Commissions, on the other hand, are governing bodies that maintain the rules and regulations of the game, ensuring fairness and safety.


Atlas’ statement also throws light on “gate receipts”, which are essentially the earnings from ticket sales for boxing events. The hashtag ‘#HaneyLoma’ included in his tweet is likely referring to a boxing match between Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko. This suggests that these financial dynamics could also be in play for high-profile fights such as theirs.

Teddy Atlas challenges Hany-Loma match outcome

Renowned boxing trainer Teddy Atlas has raised questions about the outcome of the Haney vs. Lomachenko fight. In a recent tweet, he expressed doubt over the judgment of official Dave Moretti, who awarded the pivotal 10th round to Haney. Atlas stated, “Someone told me that Dave Moretti gave 10th round to Haney, if that’s true he should be brought in front of Commission to explain. #HaneyLoma.”

Atlas’ query is stirring a debate within boxing circles, pushing fans and analysts alike to reexamine the fight’s details and the validity of its outcome. This incident highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in match judgments.


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