The End of an Era: Hulk Hogan Confirms He Won’t Step Back into the Ring for a Final Match


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan addressed rumors of a potential comeback to the wrestling ring during a new interview with Forbes. Fans of the larger-than-life icon may be disappointed to learn that Hogan swiftly dismissed the idea while speaking with the publication, citing the extensive physical strain his body has endured over the years.

Despite the cyclical nature of trends, where fashion styles from the past can resurface, Hulk Hogan’s return to the wrestling ring appears unlikely.


The Hulkster highlighted the toll that years of physical strain have taken on his body over the years. While professional wrestling may be perceived as an exhilarating display of fun and games, Hogan emphasized that the reality between the ropes is far from injury-free.

“Oh, big man, what’s old is new again! Fanny packs can come back, Hulk Hogan can come back, brother. But no, my body is just too beat up to get beat up in that ring. I mean, I know everybody thinks it looks like fun and games, but once you’re in there, what happens between bell-to-bell, I’ve never gone in that ring and it come back out without being hurt.”


Throughout his illustrious career, Hogan never emerged from the ring unscathed. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line every time they step into the squared circle, subjecting themselves to grueling physicality, high-impact moves, and the risk of injury. Over time, these factors accumulate, resulting in long-term wear and tear on the body.

In recent years, the wrestling industry has made strides in prioritizing wrestler safety and well-being.

Wrestling promotions have implemented stringent protocols to minimize the risk of injuries and ensure performers receive appropriate medical attention.

However, the physical nature of the sport remains, and even the most accomplished wrestlers face the prospect of long-term physical consequences.


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