Controversy Over Michael Jordan’S Deviation From Muhammad Ali’S Path Ends As $10,000,000 Donation Stuns Critics Into Silence

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of all time:

However, while he was great on the court, his off-the-court presence was a cause for concern. Why? Well, many were concerned that MJ was not giving back to the community post-retirement. Something they feel he should have picked up from Muhammad Ali.

As revealed in Roland Lazenby’s book, Michael Jordan: The Life, many people were unhappy with His Airness. They believed that being the legend that he is, it is important he focus on something other than chasing his own desires. In other words, they claim he was selfish. However, a $10,000,000 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation says otherwise.

Michael Jordan once donated $10,000,000 setting aside criticism that suggested he be more like Muhammad Ali

Over the years, Michael Jordan has earned a reputation as someone who does not like giving back to humanity. A reputation that he was unfairly given by the media. Why? Because he wasn’t more like Muhammad Ali.

As was discussed in the book, Michael Jordan: The Life, American sportswriter, Lacy Banks voiced his unhappiness with MJ. Having covered the great Muhammad Ali following his retirement, Banks along with other writers expressed their desire to see His Airness act more like the boxing great.

He just wasn’t enough of a philanthropist and social activist for them. But, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Especially given that Jordan still holds the record for the largest individual contribution in Make-A-Wish Foundation’s history. A donation of $10,000,000.


“Before he died in 2012, Lacy Banks expressed his disappointment in how Jordan’s life after basketball had turned out. Banks cited his experience covering Muhammad Ali and said that Jordan should find some means of giving back to humanity, of trying to be the lion that Ali had been. Unprompted, many others expressed the same desire. Sonny Vaccaro said it was time for Jordan to find some great thing to put his energies into, besides his own hedonism. He would be well served to follow his mother’s lead, Vaccaro offered.”

Cleary Jordan gave back to the community a lot more than he is given credit for. In fact, his donation to Make-A-Wish is just one of the many great things he has done with his fame and fortune.

Jordan has given back to the community on several occasions

Michael Jordan has made significant donations to various causes, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on society. He has pledged $100,000,000 to organizations dedicated to promoting racial equality and social justice, donated millions to healthcare institutions, supported education initiatives, and extended his philanthropy to disaster relief efforts and youth development programs.

Jordan’s generosity has touched countless lives, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and support. He truly is one of the greatest of all time, both on and off the court.


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