The Forbidden Secret Behind Mike Tyson’s Enormous Neck: The Controversial Training Method That Astounded the Boxing World

One of the more understated things Mike Tyson’s known for is his more-than-average-sized neck

Tyson, as an 18-year-old, inserted a lot of emphasis on the importance of neck workouts. Amassing a length of 20 inches.

‘Iron’ Mike’s neck was significantly bigger than any heavyweight boxer at the time.

Tyson’s justification for his 20-inch neck was needing the ability to take a punch.  The thicker the neck is, the tougher the endurance for pain is when hit by 10-oz boxing gloves.  Current professional boxers like Anthony Joshua can be seen strengthening their necks to gain what Tyson has but has come nowhere near that level.


What was Mike Tyson neck workout?

Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson was notable for his intimidating presence in the ring, knock-out power, and ability to withstand powerful punches.  One of the reasons for his pain endurance was his more than average-sized neck.  Being 20 inches, Tyson’s neck had the power to take a mean punch from world-class heavyweight boxers.

The most prominent technique which helped Tyson grow and strengthen his neck was the ‘neck bridges’ workout.  This workout technique involved lying on his back and using the neck muscles to lift his head and upper body to rock back and forth.  This exercise was important for Tyson’s routine and would be considered one of the most important techniques for the American boxer.

However, this method is strictly forbidden in certain gyms

Fitness professionals say this technique is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone.

The ‘neck bridges’ technique can be highly responsible for injuries and damage to the cervical spine.

“Mike Tyson was jacked,” says Joe Rogan referencing Mike Tyson’s physique

Despite his achievements in the ring, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is also known for his imprisonment for rape in 1992

On an episode of JRE, UFC commentator Joe Rogan referenced Tyson’s physique when he was released from prison. “That was the scariest Tyson ever,” says Rogan. “I don’t think he could box in jail, so he was just lifting weights. He looked like he was made outta steel,” exclaimed Joe Rogan.

Tyson’s fight against heavyweight boxer Peter McNeeley was set up right after his prison release. Joe watched the fight clip on his show and had this to say “When he[Mike Tyson] was staring him[Peter McNeeley] down, he’s following him like a predator” referencing the ferociousness of Mike.

Joe Rogan often tends to praise Mike Tyson on his podcast and goes on tangents about the heavyweight boxer. Joe often mentions the intimidating aura of Mike and how ‘scary’ he used to be during his prime fighting days.


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