Escape from Confinement: Mike Tyson’s Unforgettable Tale of Using a Fake D*ck and the Fear That Motivated Him

Mike Tyson’s ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card Was A Fake D*ck

Out of all his elaborate controversies, some of which include imprisonment, bankruptcy, and a nasty drug problem, Mike Tyson has always been open about his battle with addiction. Having been exposed to dangerous substances like alcohol and cocaine at an extremely young age, Tyson, 56, has had a harrowing history of drug abuse.

While the former heavyweight champion is currently on the path of recovery and hasn’t indulged in said vices for a considerable amount of time, his drug problem used to get him into all kinds of trouble in the past. And well, he used to employ all kinds of tricks to get out of those problems. Once, when The Hangover star got arrested for a DWI, he got a prosthetic penis with someone else’s urine so that he could pass the drug test.



“I was arrested for a DWI and […] I wasn’t on alcohol, I was on cocaine – they made it a DWI. And um…I didn’t stop smoking. I couldn’t stop smoking. [I was] addicted to weed […] So I had to get a Whizzinator, a fake d*ck with somebody else’s p*ss, clean p*ss that was warm.”

Sounds like a foolproof plan. But the perils of it weren’t lost on Tyson either.

The Fear of Being Caught Was Everpresent

What made Tyson’s situation especially dicey was the fact that he had to take his drug test in front of the administrator. And since he was using a fake d*ck and someone else’s urine, the odds weren’t exactly in his favor either. Ironically enough, he risked being sent to prison for the same had he been caught red-handed. So, the former professional boxer somehow convinced the man to not watch him while he pretended to urinate with his prop of an organ.


“I used to always do this, I just said, ‘Oh come on, man, you ready?’ And act like I was gonna pull it out in front of him and the guy would say, ‘Turn around.’ […] I’ll give him that gay comment, ‘Oh you wanna see some n**ga d*ck huh? That’s what you want to see?’ [He’d say] ‘Hey, get away, turn around,’ I slid the stuff out and I’d get away with it.”

“The p*ss would be clean, I just […] I hope the guy don’t say, ‘Mr. Tyson, you’re pregnant.’”

For the most part, though, he was quite fastidious about the whole thing and even painted the prop a tan shade to give it a more realistic sort of effect.

Tyson was previously imprisoned for six years in 1992 after he was convicted on account of r*pe, although he was released after three years on parole.


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